Our rules are very similar to the Toronto Dodgeball League. Here’s a video explaining their/our rules.

Sportsmanship and Code of Conduct:

–Sportsmanship and fun are the main pillars of the league!

–Individuals who are physically violent will be indefinitely banned from the league.

–Individuals who make threats of violence will be banned.

–Individuals who make racist/homophobic/bigoted remarks will be banned

–Individuals who insult others’ appearance, character, or ability will receive a warning.

–Individuals who throw out of control and frequently headshot others may be suspended or expelled from the league.

–Arguing calls goes against the spirit of the league.  Teams or players who have a reputation for being argumentative may receive a warning.

–If a sizeable proportion of a team commits offenses that result in their being banned, the team may be asked to leave the league.  Refunds will not be given to banned players/teams in most cases.  This is at the discretion of Waterloo Dodgeball.


–The games will be self-officiated.  The decision always goes to the player who may have been hit.

–There are always 6 balls in play. Players are allowed to hold multiple balls at once.

–An equal number of players on each team start the game. Minimum 6 vs. 6. Maximum 10 vs. 10.

–There should be at least 2 girls on the court for each team.  If a team has 1 girl, they can only play with 5 players.  If they don’t have any girls, they will forfeit and games will just be “for fun”.

–The winner is the first team to win 4 games (or the most games if time expires).

The starting rush:

–Three balls are placed on each side of the center line.

–To start the game, someone counts down “3..2..1..Dodgeball” and there is a rush for the balls.

–Balls must be first be brought behind a “clearing line” in order to become “live” (i.e., in play). Penalty for not clearing a ball: All balls given to the opponents.

The center line:

–Players are out if any part of them (foot, hand, etc) touches down on the opponent’s half of the gym, past the center line.

–Reaching across the center line to grab a ball is permitted–but no touching the floor!

Getting people out:

–The ball is “live” until it hits the ground or wall. Players who are out go to their bench.

–Balls can be used to block. Blocked balls are also live until they hit the ground/wall.

–Knocking a ball out of your opponent’s hand gets him/her out.

–Multiple hits are possible (ball deflects off one person into another).


–Headshots are “illegal.” The thrower is automatically out.

–The one exception is if the opponent is crouching or in a low position. A headshot in this case is considered accidental, and is not illegal.  A player that is hit in the head while crouching is out.

–Two illegal headshots over the course of a match (i.e., best of 4/7 series) will result in the offending thrower getting a match suspension (i.e., have to sit out for remainder of match).  Two illegal headshots in a match implies that the thrower is being reckless with their throws.

–A illegal headshot that causes an injury may lead to suspension or expulsion from the league players on one or both teams deem the thrower to have been reckless in their throws.


–A catch results in the thrower getting out, and a teammate of the catcher gets back in (unless the team is at “full strength”).

–Players should come back on in the order they got out.

–Catching can be made after the ball deflects off a teammate. The end result is a catch without the teammate getting out.

1 on 1:

–If a game is down to 1 on 1, the floor no longer results in the balls being dead. “Bounces count”. Walls still make the ball dead.


–When neither team wants to throw, the team with more balls must throw. If equal balls, the team with more players. Please keep the games fast and fun!

Any questions? Try the comment section below, or message Noah through the Contact page.

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