Monday Forest Hill Schedule

Gym 1 (left) Gym 2 Bye
Jan 15 8:30pm Headshots, Beastie Balls, Dodge City Ballers Space Evaders, Doge Ball
9:30pm Tasmanian Diablos, Los Monos Locos The Dirty Dodgers, The Family
Jan 22 8:30pm Doge Ball vs. Dodge City Ballers Tasmanian Diablos vs. Dirty Dodgers Headshots
9:30pm The Family vs. Beastie Balls Los Monos Locos vs. Space Evaders
Jan 29 8:30pm The Family vs. Dodge City Ballers Space Evaders vs. Tasmanian Diablos Los Monos Locos
9:30pm Doge Ball vs. Headshots The Dirty Dodgers vs. Beastie Balls
Feb 5 8:30pm The Family vs. Doge Ball Headshots vs. Dodge City Ballers Beastie Balls
9:30pm Tasmanian Diablos vs. Los Monos Locos The Dirty Dodgers vs. Space Evaders
Feb 12 8:30pm Beastie Balls vs. Space Evaders Doge Ball vs. The Dirty Dodgers Dodge City Ballers
9:30pm Tasmanian Diablos vs. Headshots Los Monos Locos vs. The Family
Feb 19   Holiday Holiday
Feb 26 8:30pm The Dirty Dodgers vs. The Family Headshots vs. Los Monos Locos Space Evaders
9:30pm Doge Ball vs. Tasmanian Diablos Beastie Balls vs. Dodge City Ballers
Mar 5 8:30pm Beastie Balls vs. Los Monos Locos The Dirty Dodgers vs. Dodge City Ballers Tasmanian Diablos
9:30pm Doge Ball vs. Space Evaders The Family vs. Headshots
Mar 12   Holiday Holiday
Mar 19 8:30pm Los Monos Locos vs. The Dirty Dodgers Tasmanian Diablos vs. Dodge City Ballers Doge Ball
9:30pm Beastie Balls vs. Headshots The Family vs. Space Evaders
Mar 26 8:30pm Doge Ball vs. Los Monos Locos Beastie Balls vs. Tasmanian Diablos The Family
9:30pm Space Evaders vs. Dodge City Ballers The Dirty Dodgers vs. Headshots
Apr 2   Holiday Holiday
Apr 9 8:30pm The Family vs. Tasmanian Diablos Headshots vs. Space Evaders The Dirty Dodgers
9:30pm Doge Ball vs. Beastie Balls Dodge City Ballers vs. Los Monos Locos
Apr 16 Playoffs!!!

2 thoughts on “Monday Forest Hill Schedule

  1. JEFF

    any spots left

  2. Noah

    Hi Jeff, we have one spot left on Tuesdays at Crestview and one spot on Wednesdays at MacGregor. Do either of those locations interest you?

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