Cambridge Dodgeball

Are you interested in signing up a Cambridge team?  Contact Noah (using the Contacts page above) to let him know.  If there’s enough interest, we will form a new league.

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9 thoughts on “Cambridge Dodgeball

  1. JEFF

    would love to get a team in

  2. Noah

    Your team is from Cambridge?

  3. Carlos

    Hi All,

    Is there an opportunity to join a team ?

  4. Noah

    @Carlos Would you like to play at Forest Hill P.S. (Kitchener) on Wednesdays?

  5. Josh

    Is This only for a serten type of people such as uni students or elderly

  6. Deanna Wales

    Will there be a league this year? If so when would it start?

  7. Zoe

    Is this still a thing? I have played in competitions all over the UK a few years ago and would like to get back into dodgeball, where are you based? Please let me know thanks

  8. Noah

    Cambridge in Canada.

  9. Jeff

    Is ther a league for 13

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